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Music Schedule - 
March 2019

Fri., March 1st - Southern Tide

Sat., March 2nd - Falling Bones

Sun., March 3rd - The Driftwoods

Wed., March 6th - Scott Sweet

Thurs., March 7th - Jimi Graves

Fri., March 8th - Rotageezer

Sat., March 9th - Salt Driven Ride

Sun., March 10th - Mark Evans Duo

Wed., March 13th - Bill Sabo

Thurs., March 14th - Beck and Somers

Fri., March 15th - Mojo Roux

Sat., March 16th - Innocent Bystanders

Sun., March 17th - Deaux Oh

Wed., March 20th - The Sand Spurs

Thurs., March 21st - Henry Jo Solo

Fri., March 22nd - Elizabeth and the Grapes of Roth

Sat., March 23rd - The Carpetbaggers (formerly North Star)

Sun., March 24th - Dave Besley

Wed., March 27th - Wes Talton

Thurs., March 28th - John Winters

Fri., March 29th - Free Range Chickens

Sat., March 30th - The Burgh Bros.

Sun., March 31st - The Driftwoods